Concept Design + Industrial Design

Designing the Yoosend Qube was an exhilarating and rewarding journey driven by a shared commitment to innovation, sustainability, and security. Bringing the Qube to life required a very innovative design process that involved both artificial intelligence and parametric 3D modeling.
The distinctive pattern on the Qube’s sides, inspired by the Yoosend logo, symbolizes data protection through encryption, deconstruction, and decentralization. Crafted from recyclable materials like aluminium using digital fabrication techniques, the Qube embodies the Yoosend’s company values of innovation combined with sustainability.
“We wanted the Qube to be an enigmatic object that represents the concept of a modern safe, so unusual that it appears to come from an alien spaceship. I must say that the final result, despite all the limitations that are an inherent part of any design project, translates this idea beautifully”.  –  Turi Cacciatore